What is life? The question that haunted humanity.  But a few have found the answer they say.  A while ago I (like other great men) was troubled by this question.  Well to my moms good luck, I did not decide to sit under a tree and meditate.  But thought about it over and over again and talked about it to others.  While most of them called me a loon and had the time of their lives tying a turban to my head, a few of them were considerate enough to suggest a doctor.

And I still kept thinking and even lost sleep over it (the neighborhood dog had nothing to do with it).  I came to a conclusion that life was all about keeping everyone around me happy.  And then the next day, I met a guy on the road whom I heard telling his employee that life is all about money, and then someone else told me it was all about women(Oh I know you’ll agree with him) and then a preacher told me that it was all about god.  Still confused.

And then I wrote the first two paragraphs of this post aiming to explain life in my own words and then an old classmate of mine told me this: “See to it that you don’t reach a point where this question arises… Why this life?”. Why shouldn’t I ask this question? At some point of time everyone does.  But I realized the answers aren’t ever the same.  For one man life maybe about money, for another its all about getting some, and another its for Bin Laden.  Every man has a different life, his reason for existence his own.

And the answers keep changing.  I have asked myself the question countless times before and every time I’ve had a different answer.  Life was all about crawling up close to my mother when I was a kid, and then life was all about getting that next perfect score on an exam, and then it was all about wooing that hot girl in class.  There is nothing deep in it.  Why this life?  Million tiny reasons, each one just as important as the next one.  Just live, don’t ask why.