The Beginning.

As he sat down across the table from her at the coffee shop, he knew something was wrong.  Her eyebrows were squished up, a few lines on her forehead were visible.  Something that happened when she lied to him.  “Whats up?” He asked, not to break the silence but to study her more.  His eyes captured the twitch near her lips when she spoke.  This told him more; she was hiding something.  “Nothing, just too much to study.”  she said.  Her voice was loud in the beginning, and faded off.  This confirmed his idea.  She was going to lie to him.  The noise of clanging plates faded off.  He couldn’t hear the deafening noise of the vehicles outside.  His ears strained to catch the sound of her every breath.  A skill he had honed to perfection while working for the agency.  He could hear only her.  Her breath was heavy, yet controlled.  A bead of sweat appeared on her forehead and seemed to glide over her eyebrows.  His eyes studied her clothes.  She had dressed up well, maybe for a meeting she forgot to tell him.  Her shoes confirmed his doubts.  There was not much make up which told him she was meeting someone close.

“So where have you been all last week?”, he asked.  He enjoyed watching her squirm in discomfort as she lied to him.

“Been busy with exams and all that.”

“Oh.”,  He made his disbelief apparent.

She was silent.  Her eyes were fixed on her coffee .

He took his first sip of coffee.  The beans were local.  He couldn’t get a fix on the brand but he had definitely tasted it before.  He observed the elderly man sitting two tables away from him.  He had been in the war.  He noticed the scar of a bayonet injury through his shirt.  The waitress had been working since morning, he thought as he noticed the slight twitch in her eyes when she walked.

My friend had finished her coffee and was looking at me.  Her expressions had changed.

He was amused now, knowing that he had made a mistake.

“I have to tell you something…”, she said.  He sensed a tinge of fear in her voice.  Yes it was a confession.

“What”s up?”, he said trying to sound cheerful.  He couldn’t let her know that he could read her mind.

“I love you.”