Coming Soon.

There’s news.  I am launching a new graphic design studio.  The portfolio site should be done in a couple of days.  Already working on a couple of volunteer projects.  Anyways life’s good.  On a 5 day long break from college.  Been spending most of the time with the launch.  In the works is a portal for film makers, a blog for coffee lovers and a new light weight WCMS.

A few days back I was just wondering why I never created anything.  I’ve always had brilliant ideas but has never been able to complete them.  Most, I’ve left in the middle and some I never started.  And there I sat thinking over a cup of coffee about what to do.  I was sad, frustrated and angry about my inability to create.  I felt impotent.  Yearning to create but never able to.  And then I just decided to do it.  And I wrote… <!doctype HTML>

And on a window of SublimeText2 in beautiful colors my website took shape.  With Dr. Dre and Tupac giving my ears company, I drew up the company website.  My emotions flowed into my code and my state of mind was captured in bottom: 0px; which was soon changed by $(‘#life’).css({“top”:”1%”});  

Life is just another program.  The most elegant program.  A self aware executable which self destructs after a time delay leaving behind a better clone running inside a virtual machine.  A million subroutines.  A million interactions.  Intelligent.  Beautiful.

Sounds pretty doesn’t it?