A scatterbrained 21 year old Engineering Student.

Hello there.  This post is a highly speculative narrative of future events.


I am currently in my third year of my Computer Science Engineering course.  The lecturers have finally started showering us with veiled threats of joblessness.  So I sat there amidst dozens of 9 pointers and thought, “What the hell am I gonna do?”.  “I’m not that bad,  I will qualify for the placements mostly and I could get through most of the interviews if I try a bit.  I can communicate well, and I have a not so bad IQ, maybe that would be enough.  Well then I realized that it was me trying to reassure myself that life hadn’t completely gone down the drain.  And then I tried to convince myself that I would do fine by calculating my expected CGPA with straight 10’s for the remaining semesters.  I am sure most of you might have done that too.

And then another train of thought happened.  What do I do when I join a company.  How long would I be stuck in a cubicle?  Wouldn’t I be brain dead zombie after a while of that?  What the heck do I do?

I am a creative person.  I always am driven by the urge to create.  And most bosses aren’t too fancy of blokes like me.  We believe there is a better way to do stuff and sometimes we believe we know that.  Is that a crime?   Maybe I should build a startup, be my own boss?  Well I could try that, but I ain’t that rich and my ideas are too grand for ordinary human beings to understand.  Ok, I was just exaggerating that.  My ideas are a bit crazy most of the time.

Well I’m a good web developer, how about that?

That thought sounded interesting.  I love the web and networking.  Something that I picked up trying to convert an electronic education center into a lan party room for me and my friends when I was 12.  And I come up with brilliant ideas for web sites and apps, which haven’t until now seen the light of the day owing to financial restrictions.  But I still code well.  I am the best web designer in my department.  (I think so, isn’t that good enough?)  And I could always get better.  I could become a ninja web developer some day and maybe I will learn networking a bit more seriously, you know find a way to make the super-grid idea of mine a reality some day.  Some day I could be Tim and Mark put together.

And then it struck.  The college bell, I mean.    Class was over for the day.  Time to go home and code.

Something to my juniors:  Colleges in India are a joke.  Most of them would do better at creating cyborgs than educated men.  Education doesn’t ever begin with school and never ends in college.  (I made that up just now, I’m pretty deep at times.  #JK)  Crack that laptop open and study something good.  Read a book or two (hundred).