My Startup Journey

My Startup Journey

I am a typical 22 year old Indian engineering student. Something I noticed over four years of engineering studies is that four years is a long time. Yeah, I have a strong feeling most engineers in India could have finished their courses in a year if they just kept exams every two days or so. Because over 80% of students study just two days before the exams. Don’t believe me? Ask any engineering student.

This being said, I too was one of these students, who deferred studies till the morning of the exams and managed to scrape through with a CGPA of 7 which by comparison wasn’t a bad score. Then about a year ago, I attended a few hackathons and I fell in love with the concept of making something from scratch. I probably learned more during these hackathons than I’ve learned during the four years of my degree. I found my passion in UX design and entrepreneurship. I found a few friends who were also interested in making things and we tried our first proper startup in my third year of college. It failed miserably owing to inexperience and ignorance on our part. But by that time, I was in love with the feeling of being a creator. I guess I felt more like a mother having a child. I tried building a few more ideas, but then these failed too but did better than the first one.

Then in early 2014, I stumbled upon another idea, and started drawing up a rough sketch of the business plan behind one of the answer sheets during an exam. By then the idea started taking shape, like a sculptor unraveling a sculpture within a piece of stone. During my fourth year, the in-campus placements had begun and like many of my friends I was last on the list of the students who were eligible to attend the placements. I dropped out of the program. That was the biggest decision I’ve taken in my life. All my life I was being groomed to sit for these MNC jobs and I threw it out the window. Not because they were bad, but I had this feeling that I needed to respect myself and my skills a little bit more. Engineers in India are traded like cattle between colleges and recruiters.

Engineers in India are traded like cattle between colleges and recruiters.

By this time, I had found my co-founder who was also pretty passionate about the idea and I started working on the MVP seriously. After about three months on the idea, we are still happy about the idea and the work we do, we are also looking looking to expand. Our beta version is just about done.

By now, I believe I have found my true calling. Be an entrepreneur for life. And here is something I would love to share with the rest of the budding entrepreneurs out there.

  • If you have a really cool idea, start working on it right now.
  • If your idea sounds impossible, all the more reason to do it.
  • Don’t lose faith in your idea. No one can really tell if it is going to be a success or failure unless you build it. (The Yo app, who saw that coming?)
  • Your CGPA doesn’t define who you are.
  • Entrepreneurship isn’t a job, it’s a religion.