It’s been 4 long years. since I began this leg of my life journey and I am happy to see it drawing to a close.  College is finally over and the cocoon is finally coming off.   Four years in colleges was a pretty long time.  And to anyone who have been reading my blogs, you know how much I detest the college system.  Then again, the lessons learned from college are not those found in textbooks.  It’s all about life.

Four years ago I was someone else.  I was someone who buckled under societal pressures to chose a career in Engineering, just because I loved computers and thought I would always be in love with it.  I was happy about life, had a lot of aspirations on being a great programmer, probably influenced by the movies and TV shows I’ve watched in my teens.  But sadly engineering in India is a joke, to say the least.  Piles of outdated textbooks and an equally ancient faculty made it worse.  I looked for other opportunities to prove myself as a coder but with little or no support, I ended up spending a lot of time doing nothing.  I whiled away a lot of time with random projects and ideas.

I had a bunch of friends who I was pretty close to but things went bad between us in the coming years.  I found myself questioning the concept of friendships somewhere along the way.  The concept of friends whom you would die for just died its own slow painful death.  I expected too much out of those naive relationships.  Let met let you in on something about me.  I have two modes.  Either I love someone so dearly I would die for them, or I hate them enough to want to smash their head against the wall.  There has never been something somewhere in the middle.  There hasn’t been many who could see me for who or what I was.

Then comes this bit about respect.  I’ve always believed that respect should always be earned, be it  your boss, your parents or even god.  Respect should never be imposed on you. Four years in college has done a lot to reaffirm this.  I will write more on this later, because I’m sure this is a bit too controversial a subject.

In my last year I moved in with a bunch of the smartest people in the college and had a pretty great time.  I lived with my mom for the first few years and ended up missing a lot of college life.

After this started the campus placements.  Oh, what a joke!  I managed to end up with a backlog in the previous year and I wasn’t allowed for most interviews.  But I was still enrolled in the college’s so called placement preparation.  The things colleges do to get students a job is rather sad.  Classes till 6 in the evening where the students memorize every  formula to crack the quantitative examination and the technical jargon that they have never even heard of in the past three years of engineering.  Students mugging up programs, taking ADHD medication, what not.  I found it rather stupid.  Many got placed, a few deserved it, most  of them had won lotteries.  So I was there, all alone without a job having happily quit the placement circus just watching in disgust as every one looked so happy and content with what a million rupees of tuition fees had bought them.  There were some who learned how to compile a C program from me, trying to tell me how pathetic I was for not landing a job.  I just had pity on my face.

That being said, here comes the good stuff.  I had my first kiss, lost my virginity, got drunk, ran around naked after getting drunk, had my first smoke, got high, almost died, and even got busted by cops!  College Life.  DONE!