Sunday Night

It’s 1:26 AM.  Listening to Jamaica Farewell by Harry Belafonte.

It’s time I breathe some life back into this blog and get a bit more serious about writing.

I’m now in Bangalore, India’s silicon valley.  I now have a job as a software developer working with a bunch of really brilliant hackers at a startup.  Life’s been good mostly.  I did take a break from non academic pursuits for a bit.  But now that things are slowly settling down, I would like to write the last few chapters of the novel.

1:35 AM -Dust in the wind.

I’ve been trying to find a balance with work and my other interestsand so far it has been hard.  The ADHD isn’t helping.  It was out of control for a while, but things seem to be improving now.  Coding with ADHD isn’t easy either, especially without rigid definitions of success.  I will probably talk about this some other time once I’ve put some thought into it.  ADHD and coding requires a separate article altogether.

1:42 AM – 100 in a 55

I probably should get some sleep.  I’ll write again soon.